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We all are having loads of knowledge within us. Our little brain is packed with tons of different but amazing information. And what seems obvious to someone from us [‘But everyone knows that, right?!’], is for someone else a real nugget of wisdom; completely new information to know. Am I right? And this is not the talking about high profile writers, nerdy scientists and researchers. It’s about us and the information all we have in our mind. If you have something unique knowledge or information to share with insatiably curious minds around the world, we are the best platform to do that, so write for WiseVerse.

In a nutshell: serves digestible doses of wisdom to insatiably curious minds in form of curiosity driven true stories from science, history, technology and space. We believe in making you a little bit smarter every day.

If you have something interesting and knowledgeable information and you think it will be of value to our readers, of which they can learn, get inspired, and quench their curiosity, share it with us! Write for us!

Prerequisites for a successful submission:

In order to make an awesome and successful submission for WiseVerse, your content must be met with some very basic requirements. Your submissions to WiseVerse requires to follow certain points given else your content will be rejected whatever awesome content is yours!

  • The first and foremost reason to reject any submission on WiseVerse is poor quality of writing. If you are planning to submit any content on WiseVerse; be sure your content must be written with perfect English (correct sentence constructions and free from grammatical errors.). Which means your English writing level must be that of a native speaker.
  • Whatever content you are submitting for publication; the subject matter must not be personal or unverifiable. If you are not able to provide reputable sources about what are you talking in the submission; be sure to face rejection. We want you to provide proofs of what you are saying by giving proper references in last of the article (reputable sources for us does not include- Wikipedia, Huffington, or any other website, so if you are taking reference from these websites, do try to find original source for whatever they mentioned).
  • If you are submitting a content already covered on WiseVerse there are more chances of getting rejections instead of successful publication. However sometimes exceptions would be there if we feel your content is unique and talking something new about that particular topic. It would be good to have a web search for the content/ topic you are writing about; to reveal any duplication if any possible.
  • We do not accept any submission which are copies or rehashed version of popular contents available on different websites. If your subject/ topic is already covered on elsewhere then only criteria of its publishing on WiseVerse is- the submission is discussing about the subject in a novel way or telling something unique; contrary to previously available content elsewhere on web.
  • Killing the ‘I’ is must. The use of “I” is permitted occasionally and should be used sparingly as use of “I” tends to create a division between the author and the audience, which is completely opposite to our aim of drawing audience together. The use of “you” is permitted as long as it is not being used to scare/frighten or talk down to the audience or reader. We prefer the use of the inclusive “we.” Using “We” as default pronoun gives reader a feeling of being included and part of conversation, as if they are on a learning journey together with the author.
  • Whatever content you are submitting, it must match with the niche of WiseVerse. Additionally the subject matter must match our site style and categories. We almost never accept submissions on off-niche/ off-category subjects. Submitted content must not be literal translation of an existing page in a foreign language.
  • Articles on WiseVerse uses in house style for editing. So we will rewrite if necessary or required during editing of the submitted content but it would be great if rewriting we need to do is less. It will also increase the chances of your submission’s acceptance. Kindly after writing the content, read it twice which will help you to omit any spelling mistakes and basic grammatical errors; hence increasing the chances of acceptance.
  • Although the WiseVerse is read globally, our content is written primarily for Indian subcontinent audience, so we use British standard spelling. Please run your content against a British spellchecker before submitting.
  • You should not use abbreviations in your submissions as they can give the impression of casualness or a lack of care in writing. That means no “it’s” “we’ve” “they’re”, etc. Also a big no- no to slang languages.

How many articles I could send?

There is no limit on the numbers of submissions, however if you consider our guidelines and put effort to create a unique article, it is rarely possible to come up with more than one article in a day. If you are been able to send two or more than two submissions in a day, it is more likely being your content sub-standard or full of errors which may lead to rejection. But exception lies and it is always possible to come up with more than one quality article in a day. May be you are one of those exceptions.

Author guidelines:

  • Categories of articles: Submitted articles must follow the niche of and must be falling under the categories mentioned on (Answers of curiosity based questions, interesting incidents from past [history], DIY project, Productivity tips, New Technology, Life hacks and Space). Any content out of the scope of should not be submitted, such submissions will be rejected without reading. If your submission is specific and unsure about its suitability for WiseVerse audience, shoot us an email with your idea. We will check your idea and respond you back as soon as possible.
  • Length of Submissions: There is no specific length has been decided for submissions but content length should not be very short. Detailed written contents are mostly preferred by audience as well as looks good in eyes of search engines. As far as your submitted content is knowledge oriented, entertaining and interesting; we will be ready to review it for publication. Generally the contents published on WiseVerse varies between 600-1500 words in length, so anything in between those word limits is good to go. Please do not forget to include the word count at the top of your submission form.
  • Originality: WiseVerse features original, exclusive, engaging contributions from authors across globe that will inspire, entertain as well as quench the thirst of knowing things of our readers. Your submission/contribution on WiseVerse must be original, not copied, rehashed or translated from elsewhere. We have access to very good tools for detecting plagiarism and determining how genuine your submission actually is! So beware of copying someone else written articles. You are free to provide them as source but not blatantly ripping off them.Please also note that by submitting your story, you are granting rights for sole publishing to WiseVerse Media. Please be comfortable with this 1-rule before doing any submissions.
  • Uniqueness: If you are not unique, who will be going to read it? No one. Internet is already have so much information available and if you are sharing something new, you are not going to survive. Here on WiseVerse we want you to submit something unique. Something that is not already available on some random webpage.  In other words, “Your submission should not contain anything already available on our website as well as on internet.” How do you know, your content is unique?  Make google your friend. Search before writing on WiseVerse as well as all over internet. Unique means something original, refreshing and not seen before and you must try to make your submission unique. We do not accept already available information on web unless it is written in completely different perspective. You can inquire about you content with us if you have doubts about uniqueness of what you have written.
  • Images: You are not required to submit any picture or visual content with your submission. Our team will do this job and will supplement your submission with best visuals. However if you want to send any image to be featured with your content, make sure you have full copyrights to use that image. Please note sending an image with your submission does not guarantee the publication of the image.
  • Simplicity: Make your writing simple. How? Cut, cut and cut it in short. It will make content more readable and easy to grasp. Instead of filling it with complex words use simple words. Google Flesch-Kincaid index, and use it for your submissions. It tells you the readability level of your writing. If it could be read by an 11 year, your article is in great shape. And it is not because it is dumbed down but because it has no extra undervalued complicated words. Most of the complicated articles fall below 50 on this index which means people are not able to comprehend your submission. So avoid complexity and follow simplicity in writing.
  • Remarkability: Whatever you want to contribute on WiseVerse, be sure it should be remarkable. If you are pitching a concept or content that is already existing on N number of websites, it is not remarkable. Your contribution needs to be an original content which have potential to excite people. If the audience/ readers are feeling that they learned something new and have never seen this before, your content is remarkable. Ask to yourself: Would my friends love to read it and say ‘wow!’? Getting affirmative answer of this from inside is the key of making something remarkable. Needless to say this is the second most important factor we take in consideration while reading any submission.
  • Authenticity: Authenticity is required for whatever are you writing. So be ready with a reputable source to back up information provided in the submission. It could be a website, a research article, a reputable news source, google scholar, google books. We do not consider websites like Wikipedia, squidoo, hubpages as reputed source because anyone can edit the content available there. Tabloid news websites such as HuffingtonPost, Buzzfeed, Daily Mail, CNN, Examiner do also not comes under reputable sources because they publish more often the falsified information. Sites like,, geocities, hubpages, angelfire, Ranker, damninteresting are generally unreliable. Places like,,,, and mentalfloss are rarely producing original content they all are busy in more or often just linking to someone else’s story. If you have a source that does not seem very reputable or appears to be rehashing the information, try to find the primary source of information.Referencing is as much important as producing the content. Citations must be given in form of a list at the end of your article and it must be properly linked to content using proper anchor texts/numbers. For example see the given paragraph.-Frogs in Helium: The Anuran Vocal Sac Is Not a Cavity ResonatorIn addition to acoustic functions, vocal sacs may fulfill a variety of non- acoustic roles (1). Energetic expenditure during vo- calization is both high and inefficient in anuran amphibians (2), and the vocal sac may conserve mechanical energy during the call by storing elastic strain energy as the sac inflates. Subsequent release of this energy upon call termination could reduce the energetic costs of refilling the lungs. More rapid calling may also be attained if the much slower buccal pump is not required for lung reinflation; female frogs in general are attracted to higher call rates (3).Citation:
  1. DUDLEY, R., and A. S. RAND. 1991. Sound production and vocal sac inflation in the t6ingara frog, Physalaemuspustulosus (Leptodactylidae). Copeia 1991:460-470.
  2. PRESTWICH, K. N., K. E. BRUGGER, and M. TOPPING. 1989. Energy and communication in three species of hylid frogs: power input, power output and efficiency. J. Exp. Biol. 144:53-80.
  3. RYAN, M. J., and A. KEDDY-HECTOR. 1992. Directional patterns of female mate choice and the role of sensory biases. Am. Nat. 139:
  • Humor: Humor is important thing to make something interesting and remembering, but it needs to stem naturally not forcibly stuffed. Your content may use humor but it is not an essential thing. Make sure the humor should be gentle and witty. And do note is a curiosity driven knowledge hub not a humor site.
  • Author’s voice: We respect it and you are free to put your own inner voice in article but care must be taken to ensure that this does not go beyond our guidelines. Being a writer you’re first and foremost priority is: readers should feel you are credible and trustworthy. Never write your submissions like an essay but try to maintain a standard in your writings.
  • Editing before sending: We have a very small team here on WiseVerse to carry out enormous amount of tasks, so you could understand we don’t have time as well as the ability to check every single spelling and checking grammar in your submissions. One advice we give to our contributors is to give your submissions someone else read to check your grammar and spelling before you send it to us. If your article is well written and engaging, there is a higher chance of it getting accepted and published. So, do ask a favor to your favorite teacher, professor or grammar Nazi friend to check it. Make sure you should proof read before you press the send button.
  • Tell us about you: Show your readers you exist in this world. Do not forget to include a short; preferably 3-4 sentence bio with a decent picture of yours. It is required to give you author credit below each of your articles. You can also include one hyperlink only redirecting to your own website, blog, or social media profile.

What is not allowed to do?:

  • Profanity: Profanity defines an offensive or obscene language. Do you like someone to use such type of language against you? I know your answer always be no. So why we use them in our submissions. Avoid using profanity. We will never publish such things unless it is a part of genuinely sourced material. In General we use em-dashes to obscure parts of the profane words. We believe a good writer like you could find a better word than using profane one. It will also help you to develop a better author profile and positive perception about your ability among readers.
  • Adult content (exception lies here): You will never get clearance for submissions having adult content unless it is genuine part of your content and too important for the articles integrity. For example- if your article is discussing some facts or answering a genuine question about something which falls under 18+; you may get the green signal for publishing.
  • Plagiarism: No mercy for plagiarized content, we believe in doing Shift+Delete for such contents and never expect anything less than this from our side. Bye bye Plagiarizers, Have a happy day for copying but not at WiseVerse.
  • Sales page promotion: Please no promotion of sales page, we are here to provide you a platform to spread your writing and writing abilities, not to sell your products. If you wanna sell something go to online marketplaces. WiseVerse is for curious minds who want to share and learn.
  • Off-topic /Off-Niche submission: When we have a defined niche, why you want to publish something off niche topic here? Putting salt in coffee, never makes your coffee delicious, so send us only those submissions which fits to our niche and categories.
  • Aliens and controversy theories: May be aliens exist, but until we have a solid proof, we are not going to publish anything related to it. For controversy theories there are already thousands of websites, so go there for submissions. We are happy without it. So please do not send such contents unless you are an alien and want us to feature you in our next article, but don’t forget to submit proofs.
  • Viral videos & funny cat videos: May be you love funny cat videos, but we are curious creatures and the only thing we know about cats; that she was killed by curiosity. So no submissions related to viral videos, dancing cats etc.

Final Check List:

  1. Keep to the requested word count (600-1500 words)
  2. Please keep it unique and remarkable.
  3. Keep your sentences short and punchy. Be focused, direct and concise.
  4. Check what should be done and what should not be done while doing a submission.
  5. Make sure to cite sources or resources if you use them.
  6. Numbers:Please spell out numbers 1–9 (i.e. “one,” “two,” etc.) — numbers 10 and above are to be shown numerically (i.e. “12,” “100,” etc.)
  7. Send us your contributions to us at- [email protected].
  8. Wait for us to review it and our reply about it (mostly in a week you will get our response).
  9. Follow whatever we have suggested in email; if we accepted your submission, we will send you the date of publishing with a preview copy for your verification.
  10. Once your post is published on, do not forget to share it with your friends, family, and network to show them your incredible writing skill!


We do not entertain content that require a lot of editing or out of our scope and return them as soon as possible. Please make sure you read, re-read, and read again (preferably aloud) before submitting, it would itself remove about 80% of errors. Submissions, full of errors slows down our editorial process and hence diminishes the chances of acceptance and publishing on WiseVerse. Do notice if a submission has been rejected, there will be no negotiation over it. Rejection is already means we have given our decision so do not submit such contents again and again.

Last updated 24th April 2017