Code of Conduct

Work Culture and Ethics at WiseVerse

WiseVerse is an emerging open-access online magazine for insatiably curious minds, which aims on expanding the horizon of wisdom. We create curiosity driven true stories of various genera including-science, history, technology and space. Writings and other contents provided here, on WiseVerse are created in a manner so a person could find the information / knowledge interesting and get it easily.

We love to create and serve digestible doses of wisdom to insatiably curious minds and making them a bit more smart and curious than ever before. We believe in democratizing and creating a pool of collective wisdom, so every single curious person could get the desired information about a particular in an easy and interesting way instead of playing hard.

WiseVerse community functions around six core principles which defines us and we believe every member must follow these principles and it must reflect in their every single effort on WiseVerse.


  • WiseVerse is for profit venture of WiseVerse Media; established with aim to serve large community level benefits by providing curiosity driven true stories of science, history, space, and technology, instead of any personal profit (except financial, if any must be disclosed). We strive to make sure this at best on every levels. We make sure, there must be no personal profit for individual person/ party/ company at the cost or detriment of other parties.

Intactness and Originality:

  • We make sure every fact, information, idea shared is correct and not tampered or falsified in any way. At our best, we make sure that the stuff/material posted on WiseVerse is an original content and not plagiarized from other sources. If drawn from secondary sources must contain proper references, proper citation guidelines will be used, giving credits to original source (following APA format). Photographs and other multimedia content if used will not be altered or doctored from original in a malicious way, ensuring proper credits has been given to the original source. If ever any alteration or modification is required or done, it must be mentioned in the content and should be done with proper consent of original source/author/owner.


  • We do every possible effort to make any published materials on WiseVerse free from any mistake, however if it happens and pointed out by readers / or reported by editorial team; must be corrected (by original contributor), providing acknowledgements where relevant. Contributors must ensure to not provide any false and derogatory information in their published content. Provided information by any contributor must be original, unique and should include proper reference of the source (Articles, Books, research journal articles etc.)  from where the information is taken


  • If a contributor has any involvement with the covered individuals or companies (e.g. relatives, investors), this relationship must be fully disclosed. In case of paid/ sponsored nature of shared resources, it must be mentioned clearly in the first two introductory paragraphs of the posted material.


  • Where necessary, we will keep certain kinds of information confidential but not use this in breach of the trust of those who gave us this information.


  • The aforementioned code covers our entire functioning chain including all team members-contributors, columnists, guest writers, editors, designers, technical team, promoters and marketing teams. Breaches of conduct will be dealt with in the strictest possible terms, once due process and appeal has been undertaken.

Last updated on 24th April 2017