Atharva Vishal

A curious, complex, creative biologist in search of answers to unknown. He is one of the co-founders of He is responsible for the research, programming, writing, designing, final editing of most of the articles available here. By Profession he is a research student in biophysics. Talking about technology, finding answers to silly questions, and developing new methods to enhance work productivity, is what he loves to do. In leisure, he is found with books or wandering over internet to read something interesting and learn something new to enhance his wisdom.
spider weaving its web

Why do Spiders not get caught in their own webs?

An insect flies into a spider web and that is it. There are no chances left for him except sitting duck until the return of web’s owner and becoming another delicious nutrition serving for...
Glowing firefly

How many Fireflies do we need to match up Our Sun?

It is weird! Yes asking to match up Sun’s brightness using fireflies is actually a weird thing, but curious minds behave like this. So let’s dwell a little deeper to find an answer if...

How do the stars twinkle in the sky?

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are!   Stars are technically defined as massive celestial luminous bodies made of burning gases held by its own gravity. All stars have one thing in common;...

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