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Know all about WiseVerse


-O. Henry

So, we decided to go for those more things instead of killing a little poor cat.

What is WiseVerse?

Wiseverse.com is a next generation open-access online magazine aims on expanding the horizon of wisdom. We create curiosity driven true stories from various genera including-science, history, technology and space. We love to create and serve digestible doses of wisdom to insatiably curious minds and making them a bit more smart and curious than ever before.

Who are we?

A group of curious, geeky creatures from planet earth who loves to explore and find answers to weird and out of the box questions comes to mind out of curiosity. We are the jack and Julies of our own trades (not the master of all trades) who love to dwell deeply in stories and questions to find the true answers and serve it in an interesting and easy way for an inquisitive mind. You may know more about us by visiting here.

How are we different from others?

Co-existing in this huge cyberspace, with millions of websites is a tough business. It becomes even tougher with ever-expanding information floating in form of unique as well as rehashed, repacked and sometimes blatantly ripped off content.We are different in our own way and believe in creating content based on facts, verifiable sources and doing proper research instead of rehashing whatever available online. Our philosophy is simple-“following what we believe in doing and what we don’t.”

We don’t-

  • Post dancing cat videos.
  • Talking about aliens and conspiracy theories is a big no-no! (Exception lies, see our writing ethics)
  • Believe in creating viral content (We create verifiable and well-researched stories).
  • Overshadow facts, truth, and accuracy over hyperbole and quantity, just for the sake of creating stories.

However, we believe in-

  • Reading a lot, research a lot, learning a lot and creating something interesting as well as awesome, without affecting the authenticity and reliability.
  • Seeking out of the best from the available human knowledge.
  • Creating intriguing true stories from science, history, space, and technology interesting enough to make you learn something and expand your horizons
  • Answering every what, why and how emerging in a curious mind.
  • Producing contents to help you sustain your creativity and productivity.
  • Making you bit smarter and a more gray brained, every time you visit WiseVerse.

Something else?:

Wanna something else to ask or suggest us? Interested in interviewing geeks behind WiseVerse or interested in having a coffee with us? Just ping us on our contact page.

“Usually we are prompt in our response and will reply you back in less than 24 hours, except we got killed by the curiosity like the cat.”